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We make your job easy and simple, while saving you time and money, with every cargo you want to move. Our easy to use platform coupled with advanced technology helps you find unlimited possibilities in every direction. Because doing it right will cost you less in the end.

Connect to Any Destination in the World / Connecting Businesses and Cargo Worldwide

With a simple registration, Shippers can just post their cargo online and receive the most economical rates in no time.

With a single and convenient interface, Forwarders can easily find their next cargo and simplify their daily business.

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Why SLxchange?

It works both ways.

Shippers find the best deal for their cargo.

Forwarders find the best freight they can move.

  • Qualified & Certified Freight Forwarders
  • Excellent Value & Cost-Effective
  • Enhanced Visibility
  • Friendly Logistics Network
  • Professional Support 24/7
  • Secure & Fast Payment
  • Long-Term Partnership

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