About Us

What Drives Us

SLxchange is an online cargo and logistics platform connecting customers with shipments and logistic requirements with forwarders and carriers.

This digital marketplace provides Shippers with the most cost-effective bids from certified carriers. At the same time, it gives Forwarders the advantage of offering their services to a wide range of customers with specific logistics requirements.

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Why Choose SLxchange

  • Fast Worldwide Delivery

    With our vast global network of Forwarders and Carriers, Shippers can send their cargo from and to anywhere in the world. And with our proprietary technology, red tape is eliminated to facilitate quick transactions.

  • End-to-End Solution Available

    From booking to delivery, SLxchange has got your back. Whether you’re a Shipper or a Forwarder, all your requirements can be met on a single platform.

  • Safety and Compliance

    The security of all parties is our priority. Our marketplace guarantees privacy of personal data, protection of financial exchanges, and strict adherence to customs and shipment laws of all states and countries.

Our Clientele

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